Why we do what we do?
Workshop& is a skill building platform empowering women for a modern career and life.


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – Aristotle  


Maybe it was the communal love of cheese, wine, sharing cat videos and maybe even a good meme, our paths collided and we formed our own little aggressively supportive girl gang.


We always had this innate feeling that the universe brought us together for some reason; the chance to explore an unequivocal shared passion of ours: empowerment.

We are each individually strong, ambitious, and successful women in the construction industry in our own rights. Driven to the power of ten to empower, inspire, and do more than what we initially set out to do.


Our forces joined on event delivery for NAWIC, where we seamlessly and effortlessly worked together to deliver calibre events for the association. During this time, the synergy between us became very clear, as did our complimentary skill sets and strengths played off against each other. Together we made up 100%. Mersi is a machine, more efficient than you can imagine and creative like no one else. Amanda, flawless in execution and phased by no challenge, and Elinor, one of a kind powerhouse with the amplified ability to do anything.

We’re driven, decisive, eager to take action, and yearning to be part of something greater than our individual selves.


Workshop& is therefore a manifestation of what we always wish for each other to experience – empowerment, growth, continual successes, general kicking ass – you get the jist… We are well aware though that you don’t achieve your full potential or all that you set out to if you don’t have the right tools. We are all equally passionate about educating and personal development. All it takes is one spark to ignite to inspire one to take action.


We learnt this first hand when delivering workshops for NAWIC – the time invested in the workshop had the capacity to change the discourse of someone’s path. That’s what we are here to do – take a small amount of your valuable time and fill it with the tools and skills to maximise your ability and potential in every aspect of your life.