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Free Print from Thirsty Cactus

We love being part of an amazing online community and #tribe and have teamed up with the amazing and talent Jess from Thirsty Cactus to deliver our wisdom in her gorgeous handwriting!

Jess is a Graphic Designer & Hand Letterer based in Brisbane and specializes in logo, branding design and custom hand lettering on pretty much anything. Make sure you check out her profile and give her some love.

Goal Setting Workbook

First step to achieving your goals it to identify them.Use Workshop& funky goal setting book to kickstart your journey.

Productivity Killers Checklist

There are a number of productivity killers that cause you to work more and achieve less. Use our awesome productivity killers checklist to identify your biggest time drainers and then get busy overcoming them.

Your Top 3

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Identify you top 3 priorities for today.

The best strategy for being more productive and less busy is to get really good at sorting and prioritising it all.